Workers’ Compensation


Helping Clients Address All Aspects of Workers’ Compensation

The attorneys of the Workers’ Compensation Group at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote provide counsel and representation in all aspects of workers’ compensation issues. We work closely with our clients from the day an injury occurs through the final appeal process. Our clients range from heavy manufacturers, including the steel industry, to health care providers, transportation companies, coal mine operators, the construction industry, government entities, and a wide variety of businesses, both large and small. In addition to representing many insurance carriers, we have been a leader in representing self-insured employers and third-party administrators. Our attorneys concentrate on all aspects of workers’ compensation, including claims management, claims litigation, workers’ compensation education and legislation, related employee matters, and Medicare compliance.

Claims Management

Today’s workers’ compensation cases involve much more than the traditional traumatic injury claim. While trauma cases still comprise a large segment of workers’ compensation claims, occupational disease claims of all types, as well as claims involving repetitive stress and trauma, are becoming increasingly common. Coronary incidents, hearing loss, and emotional stress claims, among others, present their own unique challenges.

The prospect of terminating, suspending, or modifying an employee’s workers’ compensation benefits is one our clients face daily. Whether medical treatment is reasonable and necessary is also of great concern. The attorneys of the Workers’ Compensation Group, with their varied backgrounds and experience, are uniquely qualified to handle these claims.

Claims Litigation

Litigating a claim is only the final step in the claims process. The Workers’ Compensation Group works as a team with our clients throughout the entire procedure of handling claims, giving advice and counsel, and encouraging periodic claim-review conferences with the employer, carrier/third-party administrator, and counsel.

Workers’ Compensation Education and Legislation

Our attorneys are very active in workers’ compensation and bar organizations on a local and state-wide level and participate in planning, presenting, and attending continuing education programs. We hold in-house seminars for our clients, both large and small. In addition, we have been called upon by our clients, state legislatures, and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to provide counsel and input on proposed workers’ compensation legislation and regulations.

Employee Matters

In addition to monitoring state and federal workers’ compensation regulations, the Workers’ Compensation Group tracks industry-specific regulations and case law. Our role in providing legal counsel for a changing workplace also requires us to work closely with other lawyers in the firm, particularly those in the Employment and Labor Law Group, for matters such as Americans with Disabilities Act claims, EEOC cases, Family and Medical Leave, Act and similar issues that involve injured and disabled employees.

Medicare Compliance Program

Our Medicare Compliance Group helps our clients navigate Medicare issues in the settlement of workers’ compensation claims. This program combines the advanced knowledge of Dickie McCamey attorneys, Medicare paralegal specialists, and in-house medical consultants — with more than 25 years combined experience. Clients benefit from comprehensive services including:

  • Extensive experience from the firm’s Medicare paralegal specialists and workers’ compensation attorneys
  • Facilitation of settlement process
  • Guidance on Set-Aside funding and administration
  • Medical guidance from in-house nurses
  • Negotiation of Medicare approval process
  • Thorough review and analysis of workers’ compensation settlements for Medicare Set-Aside allocations
  • Verification of Social Security and Medicare benefits

To learn more about the capabilities of the Workers’ Compensation Group, contact Charles G. Brown at 412-392-5310 or; or Dorothy T. Daly at 856-354-0192 or; or Maureen Kowalski at 412-392-5475 or

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