Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote has offices throughout the Appalachian region where there is a boom in the oil and gas industry. Companies focusing on gas and oil found in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations are leasing and drilling wells at a rapid rate. The DMC Energy team helps companies across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia facing legal challenges in all aspects of oil and gas activity.

The Dickie McCamey team is focused on the representation of various participants in the oil and gas industry including operators, drillers, service companies, insurers, hauling and transportation companies, storage and distribution providers, purchasers, and pipeline companies, as well as banks and financial institutions that lend money to members of the industry. Our team is poised to provide counsel in matters such as lease right issues, environmental compliance (in particular, issues surrounding waste water), well site catastrophes, construction zoning regulations, pipeline and storage area development and operation, and contracts and service agreements between companies as well as employment matters. Our attorneys are quite familiar with the various facets of litigation in the Appalachian region. Each member of our team has a unique background to focus on specific matters in the areas of construction and engineering; energy and utilities; environmental regulation; water rights and water management; land use, planning and zoning; real estate; and transportation.

The dramatic increase in oil and gas activity also brings leasing issues, title issues, well site accidents including explosions and vehicle collisions, and property damage.

Commercial Litigation

Oil and gas activity involves multiple contractual arrangements. When disputes develop, Dickie McCamey is poised to handle those contractual matters, including joint operating agreements, farm-out agreements, and master service agreements.


Conflict is inevitable due to the complexities of today’s projects, both public and private. Conflicts can result from any number of factors, including problems with materials, delivery delays, cost overruns, design flaws, inefficiencies of other contractors, landslides, weather impacts, or budget disputes. Our Construction Law Group represents owners, contractors, vendors, subcontractors, and sureties throughout the country. Because we understand the challenges our clients face, we can provide enormous value in the areas of project analysis and legal strategy.

Environmental and Toxic Exposure

The environmental issues in this industry are numerous and varied. There are many issues associated with the water used during the fracking process that may require special attention. These involve withdrawal issues, disposal issues, and transportation issues. Drilling activity can lead to claims of groundwater contamination and nuisance from nearby residents. Our Energy Group has extensive experience in defending such claims. Additional issues arise with pipeline construction, and the use of rural roadway systems not created for heavy traffic. There are also many land-use challenges involving municipal authorities and their regulation of gas well development.

Leases and Purchase Acquisitions

There are many negotiations that take place between companies when reviewing land for development. Our team has been working in the oil and gas industry for many years and has handled matters involving all phases for the drilling of gas wells and the horizontal drilling technology used in Marcellus and Utica Shale wells.

Liability – Well Site Catastrophes

When dealing with volatile hydrocarbons and unique safety issues, companies and insurers need to anticipate liability issues before they arise and stand ready to limit exposure when accidents occur. The well site presents unique issues that need to be understood and handled by experienced counsel. The lawyers of Dickie McCamey understand the needs of our oil field clients and have the expertise to help anticipate and eliminate liability concerns before they occur and to protect companies that are faced with injury and damage cases in the oil patch. Our team of lawyers is ready to respond to catastrophes throughout the Marcellus and Utica Shales, 24/7.

The drilling site for the exploration of natural gas can be a dangerous area for workers. Dickie McCamey has been handling personal injury defense matters for over 100 years and is well prepared to address any incident that may occur on the site from injuries to catastrophic loss. Members of the firm have handled these types of cases in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and Illinois.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas team works with companies on the various property issues, including title opinions necessary for property acquisitions. These specially skilled attorneys produce certified mineral title opinions including complex drilling title opinions and title curative and perform land and legal due diligence associated with mineral transactions.


Unfortunately, there is the potential for accidents in all phases of oil and gas operations, including the transportation of equipment and materials. Our team has in-depth experience in all types of vehicle accidents including big rigs, tractor trailers, and the movement of other heavy equipment used in the natural gas industry. The unique factual and legal issues involving these matters are common place for Dickie McCamey.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Energy Group, contact Jesse J. Zirillo at 412-392-5342 or jzirillo@dmclaw.com.