Diversity Spotlight: Kenya C. Miller

Kenya C. Miller
Lancaster, South Carolina (Managing Attorney)
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member

Practice Focus:
Church Law, Insurance Law and Litigation, and Workers’ Compensation

Tell us something unique or a fun fact about yourself.
When I was two years old, my mom started buying me jigsaw puzzles to keep me busy because I was the child who never slept and constantly needed something to do. I became so obsessed that I had to be placed on jigsaw puzzle restrictions. Today, I still love jigsaw puzzles but will only allow myself to buy them occasionally. When I retire I may have to join a support group for jigsaw puzzle addicts.

Describe an approach or a behavior that you believe can help improve diversity, equity, and or inclusion efforts.
I believe that the best approach to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion is to be your authentic self and to live by the golden rule — treat others as one wants to be treated. While on this journey called life, I make conscious efforts to engage with people from varying walks of life and to appreciate the beauty in the differences that we all have to offer. In many ways, life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each of us represents one piece of the puzzle and, when joined together, can create a beautiful picture.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?
I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and so I developed quite the imagination. Although my standard response when posed with this question as a child was I wanted to be an attorney, in reality I wanted to be a talk show host so that I could ask people personal questions and wear pretty shoes. In short, I wanted to be Kelly Ripa when I grew up.