Guiding Religious Organizations through Challenging Legal Issues

Churches and other faith-based organizations are confronted with a wide array of legal issues and challenges — some common to the business community and others specific to the ministry. From their initial organization to dispute resolution, churches and outreach ministries live in a legal world and face legal issues. Providing for proper legal planning, protection, and preservation of the ministry is not only good stewardship for those entrusted with the ministry, it is also a sensible best business practice.

At Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, our mission is to support your mission. Legal advice which is mindful of the mission of the ministry’s primary goals, and sensitive to the manner in which it is conducted, can help your organization achieve its goals efficiently and effectively.

Some of the areas where we serve churches and ministries include:

  • 501(c)(3) Certification
  • Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting Compliance
  • Church School, Preschool Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Denominational Affiliations
  • Ecclesiastical Litigation
  • Estate Planning and Gifting
  • Incorporation
  • Personnel and Employment Matters
  • Property Concerns when Churches Change Denominations
  • Risk Management
  • State and Federal Tax Regulations
  • Tort Lawsuits, from Auto and Premises Accidents, to Allegations of Improprieties
  • Zoning

Delivering Experienced Advice

Dickie McCamey attorneys have an extensive background representing religious organizations. Through that experience, we have developed a keen sensitivity to the unique needs and legal challenges exceptional to the church. Our lawyers believe that churches, pastors, trustees, and congregation members alike are entitled to highly competent representation reflective of the ministry goals, morals, and ethics of the church itself. We have served churches across a wide spectrum of denominations and faith traditions, including non-denominational churches and faith-based non-profit ministries.

Our church law experience covers a broad spectrum of litigation such as accidents involving church-owned vehicles, employment issues, negligent supervision, church property disputes, denominational affiliation issues, and premises liability. Our lawyers have also represented church organizations and their insurers in mediations, at the trial court level, and in filing amicus briefs on church-related legal issues in multiple state supreme courts and with the Supreme Court of the United States. 

With offices in 11 states, the ability to appear in courts across the country, and the efficient use of technology, Dickie McCamey has a presence that can serve and respond promptly to your needs, wherever your ministry is located. We partner with the ministry to ensure that we not only address the law but also respect the doctrine of the organization and the foundation of its existence. Our goal is to serve the church community by providing solutions that are consistent with the broader mission of the church.

For further information on the capabilities and services of our Church Law Group, please contact Forrest A. Norman at 216-685-1827 or fnorman@dmclaw.com.