Helping Technology Clients Effectively Manage Evolving Legal Risks

While technology has leveled the playing field by allowing individuals and small businesses with new ideas to rapidly enter markets and compete effectively with larger, well-established companies, it has also raised complicated legal questions. These include computer-based legal issues, as well as litigation, technology implementation, technology transfers, and the need for specialized licensing and other technology agreements, all of which must be carefully monitored as the law in this area rapidly evolves. These issues, if not properly navigated, can present significant legal challenges.

The Technology Law Group at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote helps technology-based businesses of various sizes and developmental stages effectively manage those risks. Our clients include website developers, software design firms, e-commerce providers, information technology consultants, system integrators, hardware and device manufacturers, and distributors. As the role of the internet and technology in the marketplace continues to evolve, the Technology Law Group stands ready to serve our clients by remaining on the cutting edge of evolving technology law. Our lawyers understand the rules of the new economy and know how to make them work effectively for our clients.

Computer Law

The Technology Law Group represents computer-based businesses in technology acquisitions and transfers, including development, licensing, distribution, and marketing arrangements. Our attorneys also provide employment services specific to retention and compensation of key management personnel. We develop non-compete agreements and other appropriate protections from infringement. In the event of a dispute over the design and implementation of computer systems, we represent our clients throughout all phases of litigation, including advocating for our clients’ positions in state and federal court.

Licenses and Other Agreements

Proper licensing and other technology-related agreements are instrumental in protecting innovations and ensuring proper compensation for the sale of technologies to distributors and other third parties.

The attorneys in our Technology Law Group are skilled negotiators who assist clients in preparing agreements for the development, licensing, manufacturing, and distribution of technology and related products, and the provision of technology-based services. We have successfully negotiated a full range of technology agreements, including agreements covering software licensing, purchasing, cloud computing, web postings, and active vs. passive websites.

Technology Implementation

We effectively advise corporate clients and individuals on evolving legal issues relating to technology implementation. These efforts include preparation of employee technology and privacy agreements covering computer access, security, email, voicemail, and the internet.

Our legal team also helps high-tech businesses establish programs and policies for complying with state and federal labor and employment, health and safety, antitrust and contract law, as well as formulating strategies for recognizing, avoiding, and managing potential legal risks.

Litigation Services

If disputes arise, the Technology Law Group aggressively defends our clients’ interests. Our attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases for e-commerce companies and software and hardware developers, including contract disputes, enforcement of employment agreements and restrictive covenants, infringement, trade secret, defamation, and privacy claims.

When litigation becomes necessary or presents the best opportunity for our clients, our firm has a long history of pursuing matters in the state and federal courts. With more than 100 trial lawyers, we are fully prepared to put our skills and resources to work for our technology clients at each stage of the litigation process.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Technology Law Group at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, contact Steven W. Zoffer at 888-827-1858 or szoffer@dmclaw.com.