Helping Municipalities Address Complex Legal Challenges

Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote’s Municipal Law Group provides a valuable team of legal talent, with extensive municipal knowledge, to meet the needs that arise from local governments’ complex legal issues. Our municipal attorneys serve townships, boroughs, cities, counties, and other municipal entities, which include water and sewer authorities, planning agencies, and zoning hearing boards throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Attorneys in this group possess decades of experience in all aspects of legal issues unique to these governmental bodies and act as solicitors and special counsel, representing municipalities in matters related to their public purpose. Our attorneys’ knowledge of and relationships within the municipal industry also positions us to assist private developers in applying for and obtaining all forms of municipal permits.

Dickie McCamey attorneys act on behalf of the entity in matters of municipal governance; open records law; labor, employment and personnel issues; public bidding and contracting; eminent domain; tax assessment appeals; zoning and land use; and litigation and appellate court advocacy. We also handle bond issues and other tax-exempt financings for government entities.

Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Services

When it comes to planning and land use, our attorneys offer a full-range of services for any prospective developer from project start to closing. We work with you through the buying process to negotiate terms, acquire the essential permits, and evaluate your tax assessment. If an appeal is necessary, our firm has extensive experience in representing both individuals and commercial entities throughout the process. While helping our municipal clients and developers with their immediate legal needs, we often provide legal direction in specialty areas that overlap. This enables us to help prepare for the future, preventing impending problems, which in the end can save taxpayer money.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Municipal Law Group, contact Ronald J. Brown at 412-392-5488 or rbrown@dmclaw.com.