Exceptional Strategies in High-Stakes Appellate Matters

The explosion in litigation over the past decade has created an urgent need for experienced legal practitioners who can help clients navigate the complexities of a trial. When a matter reaches the appellate courts, the need for skillful counsel may be even more critical because the stakes are often higher.

The Appellate Group at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote concentrates on preparing and executing legal strategies and arguments specifically for this venue. We evaluate the potential for a successful appeal, establish an appellate strategy, handle the appeal, and track relevant state and federal case law. Our attorneys have handled appeals in a broad spectrum of areas, including medical malpractice, insurance coverage, product liability, professional liability, construction litigation, commercial litigation, employment discrimination, contract disputes, and trade secret claims. As a result, clients enter into an appeal knowing they are backed by seasoned attorneys who have worked with many industries and whose primary focus is the appellate arena.

Evaluation and Analysis

Effective appeals begin with proper analysis. Working closely with trial counsel, we carefully analyze the lower court’s decision to determine the likelihood of success on appeal. This analysis includes a detailed review of court documents, including opinions, briefs, and orders of the court, as well as research and review of relevant regulations and case law at the appellate levels.

Presentation of the Appeal

After meticulous preparation, the Appellate Group methodically and aggressively handles the appeal. These efforts include the careful submission of legal briefs and participation in oral arguments before the court. Throughout this appeal process, we provide our clients with updates regarding the status of the appeal and periodic assessments of their chances of prevailing in the appeal. Our attorneys understand that our clients are counting on us, and we want to ensure they are fully informed at every stage of the proceedings.

Tracking State and Federal Case Law

Because of the evolving nature of disputes, changing regulations, and an ever-growing and complex body of case law, strong appellate counsel begins with an ongoing commitment to understanding legal and regulatory changes. The Appellate Group regularly tracks decisions from the state and federal appellate courts so that we can offer our clients strategic insight into how state and national legal trends might impact their particular matters.

At Dickie McCamey we focus on developing superior solutions for our clients’ most challenging legal matters. Whether we are evaluating a lower court decision for potential appeal, preparing an appellate brief, or presenting an oral argument before the court, our approach is simple and straightforward — we look out for the best interests of our clients every step of the way.

To learn more about the capabilities of the Appellate Group, contact Michelle A. Thomas at 313-308-2041 or mathomas@dmclaw.com.