Firm Overview

The right legal team is critical to seize opportunities, avoid risk, and keep your business successful. Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote is that team. We have protected the professional and personal interests of our clients for over 100 years. Our high-performance, results-oriented professionals deliver proactive counsel based on in-depth knowledge of legal precedents, trends and regulatory shifts. Whether the situation requires subtle negotiation or aggressive action, we’ve been there before. Our standard: to ensure you’re further ahead at the end of the day. It’s the same standard by which we want you to judge us – every day, in every legal matter impacting your business.

For more than a century, Dickie McCamey has offered client-centered service focused on results. More than offering legal counsel on demand, we provide proactive guidance from advisors versed in the complexities of both law and business. Our attorneys actively advise local, regional, national and international businesses, nonprofits and health care organizations. We are committed to delivering not only responsive service, but results-oriented action.

Over the years, our trial work and our commitment to strong attorney-client relationships have enabled us to grow into the firm we are today: flexible, efficient and respected, with the resources to meet or exceed your expectations for risk prevention, responsive partnering and bottom-line value. Whether you manage an established enterprise or a new venture, whether you seek legal counsel for your business or for personal matters, the attorneys of Dickie McCamey are poised to act now in your best interests. Our work as skillful litigators, business-savvy advisors and innovative problem solvers means you get the answers, advice and representation you need, when you need them.

We believe in taking an active role in your business success, helping you anticipate and prevent potential problems, partnering with you to resolve legal issues and delivering the highest level of value for your legal dollars.


The best corporate and business law strategies are those that guide companies and employees in acting responsibly and in full compliance with the law. At Dickie McCamey, we work closely with our clients to develop practices, policies and programs that help prevent legal missteps and violations from occurring in the first place. Our focus on prevention encompasses corporate compliance in the areas of business, environmental, employment and health law. It also extends to carefully drafted contracts and agreements, and comprehensive growth and succession plans. Not only do these strategies assist clients by minimizing conflict, risk, and costly legal disputes, they serve as proof of due diligence, which can substantially reduce organizational and individual liability.


We know that your relationship with your legal advisor is essential to your business, success and personal security. You need an attorney you can count on to deliver prompt service and accurate answers. Someone who will consult with you on your legal issues and questions, quickly advise you on the best course of action and work with you to obtain a successful outcome. Each of our attorneys is committed to being that trusted resource for his or her clients. At Dickie McCamey, we think of ourselves as your partners. Your legal needs are ours to address, your problems ours to solve. When conflicts arise, we are diligent in resolving them, whether through out-of-court negotiation, mediation or vigorous litigation. Our attorneys are given the individual freedom and flexibility to craft working relationships and legal strategies tailored to their clients’ needs and goals. For you, that means faster responses, more efficient processes and services properly scaled to the scope of each matter. Ultimately, it means greater quality and value.

Professionals On Your Side

Through world wars, the Great Depression, and changes in business that no one could predict, our firm has endured. We have grown over the past 100 years because we are committed to providing the highest levels of legal service to businesses and individuals. Dickie McCamey has quadrupled in size. This depth of resources and breadth of service capabilities means our clients consistently receive the most appropriate legal guidance in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. To learn more about how we can assist your business, call us at 800-243-5412.