Narrowing the Scope of Medical Malpractice E‑Discovery Requests

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at trial, sitting at the defense table, and the plaintiff’s electronic medical records (EMR) expert was testifying before the jury.

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Climate Change Litigation Is Coming — Is Your Company Ready?

There can be little doubt that the pendulum of energy regulation has reversed course away from many (or most) of the Obama-era climate change programs. Those who work in the energy sector largely are buoyed by these policy changes. On the other end of the ideological spectrum, however, activists, especially those in the “keep it in the ground” camp, see the deregulation effort as a clear sign that they need to find new ways to effectuate their policy goals.

Jack R. Luellen

  Jack R.Luellen

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Shilts v. Beardmore:
Firming Up Notice Under Ohio’s Dormant Mineral Act

West Virginia Enacts Co-tenancy Statute to Eliminate Crucial Barrier to Shale Development

Though it has been over a year since the Ohio Supreme Court decided several cases relating to Ohio’s Dormant Mineral Act, questions remain as to several issues, including application of the statute’s notice provisions. Fortunately, on March 5, 2018, Ohio’s Appellate District Court for the Seventh District (Monroe County) began chipping away at the notice question by confirming that the law does not require futility when it comes to the notice standard under the 2006 Dormant Mineral Act (O.R.C. § 5301.56, eff. 2006) (the “2006 DMA”).

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On March 9, 2018, Governor Justice signed into law the Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act which goes into effect on July 1, 2018. This new law modifies the longstanding rule requiring all co-owners of oil and gas to execute an oil and gas lease or give permission to an oil and gas operator before any extraction of the oil and gas can occur.

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