Divorce Proceedings

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one to make. Divorce is emotionally difficult for all parties involved and often raises a host of complicated legal and financial issues that require resolution. The family law attorneys at Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote understand how stressful and challenging the divorce process can be. We have decades of collective experience helping clients through all aspects of divorce, from asset valuations and property distributions to custody and support issues. Our attorneys represent clients across all counties in Southwestern and Northwestern Pennsylvania and are respected by judges and lawyers alike for their professionalism and dedication to clients.

At Dickie McCamey, we concentrate on obtaining favorable and efficient resolutions for our family law clients. Whenever possible, we recommend that our clients resolve matters through negotiating an agreement rather than going to trial. We have found that clients value the control and privacy afforded by a negotiated settlement, and an agreement two people arrived at jointly is more likely to be heeded than one imposed by the court. However, we recognize that there are times when a case cannot be amicably resolved through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and collaborative law. In these situations, our family law attorneys advocate for our clients at every stage of the court process.

The lawyers in our Family Law Group are keenly aware that the outcome of a court case can impact our clients and their families for an entire lifetime. We also recognize that every divorce is different, and our clients are coming to us with their own unique problems and challenges. In every divorce case that we handle, we personally guide our clients through all phases of the litigation process. We take an individualized approach and focus on achieving results that serve our clients’ personal and financial needs today and into the future.

For further information on the capabilities of the Family Law Group, contact Effie G. Alexander at 412-392-5590 or ealexander@dmclaw.com.