Child and Spousal Support

The financial considerations surrounding a divorce can be challenging, particularly when it comes to child and spousal support matters. At Dickie McCamey, we understand these challenges and help our clients reach a fair and equitable financial outcome. Our family law attorneys represent clients throughout Western Pennsylvania in a wide range of child and spousal support matters. Whether our clients are raising or defending against a claim for support, we are prepared to take prompt action to protect their legal and financial interests.

In Pennsylvania, both child and spousal support awards are based upon a multitude of factors. Determining the proper amount of support can be a difficult process, particularly when cases involve complex sources of income such as executive compensation, stock distribution, bonuses, and income derived from a closely-held business. The attorneys in our Family Law Group have extensive experience handling complicated support matters. We recognize that income for purposes of child and spousal support is complicated. Our lawyers know how to identify the income that should be properly considered for child and spousal support.

Dickie McCamey’s family law attorneys recognize that child and spousal support obligations often have critical tax implications for both the recipients and payers. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they understand these implications and are taking the right steps to minimize their tax liabilities.

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