Comprehensive and Effective Criminal Defense Representation

Possessing over 60 years of collective experience, Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote’s criminal defense attorneys are proven trial litigators dedicated to protecting our clients’ futures, liberties, and assets. The members of our Criminal Defense Group rely on the skills they acquired as former district attorneys, Army Judge Advocates, judicial law clerks, educators, and special counsel to defend and advocate for our clients’ rights and interests.

Dickie McCamey’s criminal defense lawyers handle matters in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our team of attorneys has an in-depth understanding of criminal procedure, the rules of evidence, and local practice that allow them to navigate the criminal justice system efficiently, competently and successfully. Most importantly, our attorneys work with you, the client, to obtain the best possible outcome.

At Dickie McCamey, our attorneys have extensive experience defending executives, professionals, athletes, public officials, and other individuals in high-profile criminal cases. In these types of matters, we work closely with our clients to protect their privacy and preserve their personal and professional reputations. We know that managing publicity is essential, and we will do everything we can to keep the case and our client out of the media spotlight.

The attorneys in our Criminal Defense Group can assist you with a full range of criminal issues, including but not limited to:

• Assault and Battery
• Bail and Bond Modification Petitions and Hearings
• Criminal Record Expungement and Pardons
• Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness
• Domestic Violence, Protection from Abuse, and Restraining Orders
• Driver’s License Suspensions
• Driving Under the Influence (DUI) – alcohol and drug
• Drug Possession and Drug Delivery
• Fraud (wire, mail, insurance, healthcare, and mortgage)
• Grand Jury or Government Investigations (representation of witnesses and targets)
• Grand Jury Representation
• Hit and Run and Fleeing and Eluding
• Internal Corporate Investigations
• Juvenile Offense and Underage Drinking Arrests
• Manslaughter
• PennDOT Appeals
• Probation Revocation Hearings and Probation Violation Hearings
• Professional License Suspensions (medical, nursing, legal, etc.)
• Resisting Arrest
• Serious and Minor Traffic Offenses
• Subpoena and Search Warrant Compliance
• Summary Offense Appeals
• Theft, Burglary, and Robbery
• Violent Crimes
• Warrants
• White-Collar Crime

For further information on the capabilities of the Criminal Defense Group, contact Robert G. Del Greco, Jr. at 412-392-5215 or rdelgreco@dmclaw.com; or Albert P. Veverka at 412-392-5630 or aveverka@dmclaw.com.

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