Mechanic’s Liens

On many private, and some public, projects a mechanic’s lien is a disruptive tool to seek payment for work performed.

Each state has its own unique rules for the initiation and perfection of a mechanic’s lien. In many states, pre-construction and/or pre-performance documents will have a significant effect on the success of a lien claim.

The attorneys in our Construction Law Group have substantial experience navigating clients through complex mechanic’s lien matters. Our practitioners have prosecuted and defended mechanic’s lien claims in a wide variety of construction projects in multiple jurisdictions across the country. We understand the intricate nuances of law and focus on finding cost-effective resolutions that best advance our clients’ legal rights and business interests.

Prosecution and Enforcement of Mechanic’s Liens

Dickie McCamey attorneys regularly assist contractors and subcontractors in preparing, filing and serving mechanic’s liens for their commercial and residential construction projects. In doing so, our attorneys work closely with our clients to ensure that all statutory requirements are met so that their liens can be properly enforced. When a payment dispute surfaces, we will attempt to resolve the matter early on through the negotiation process. However, if the parties cannot come to an acceptable agreement, our construction law attorneys are fully prepared to litigate the matter to secure a fair recovery for our clients.

Because the window for filing a mechanic’s lien is often limited, experienced counsel is crucial. Understanding the nature of services provided, the payment process, and the steps required to close a project is imperative to timely and effective counsel. Some states require a contractor filing a lien to prove and/or name all other lien claimants. Many states have unique orders of priority between lien claimants, depending on the date the lien is filed and if a loan was obtained to fund the work.

Defense of Mechanic’s Lien Claims

The attorneys in our Construction Law Group also represent commercial and residential property owners who have had mechanic’s liens filed against their properties. In these situations, our legal team takes quick action to resolve the matter as early on as possible. Should a resolution prove to be unattainable, our attorneys will aggressively challenge the lien, asserting all available legal options on behalf of the property owner.

Whether you are a property owner facing a mechanic’s lien or require legal representation in connection with the prosecution of a lien, the attorneys in our Construction Law Group will provide highly skilled counsel at every point in the legal process.