10/28/2014Press Releases

Latest ‘Best Places to Work’ Ranking a Reflection of Our People and the Culture We Strive to Maintain

For any organization, one key to long-term success is whether the reality of the workplace environment for its staff members matches the perceptions held by its leaders.

That’s why it’s so humbling for Dickie McCamey to be included on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s list of “Top Workplaces” for a fourth consecutive time since the awards began in 2011.

Yes, we are Pittsburgh’s fifth-largest law firm with 275 local employees.

Yes, we have evolved into a nationally-recognized firm that serves clients in many diverse practice groups in 13 offices across seven states.

But none of that would be possible if our attorneys and support staff weren’t so passionate about their jobs and the workplace they inhabit.

This isn’t an achievement given out to every business simply willing to purchase an advertisement. The selections were made on the basis of a 22-question, confidential employee survey sent to everyone in the firm. The nomination and survey process were both free of charge and open to any organization with 50 or more employees in Pittsburgh.

Dickie McCamey was one of five law firms chosen and more than twice as large as any of our peers that were honored, which means that we’ve maintained a positive work environment even while consistently adding new staff and expanding into new practice areas.

If this type of atmosphere isn’t rare, then it’s definitely unique. We encourage teamwork and shy away from anything that smacks or even hints at internal competition. Everyone calls each other by his or her first name. This emphasis on placing the success of the firm ahead of personal accomplishments attracts quality attorneys and top-level staff members.

Above all else, earning a “Top Workplace” award validates our internal thinking of the way we operate.

Respect for each other builds a strong internal environment, but we always adhere to the most basic values of trust and collegiality in our dealings with others. The respect we give to and receive from opposing counsel on a consistent basis proves the strength of reputation externally.

It impacts our productivity, because our people can come to the office each day focused on results and not office politics.

Finally, this award reinforces the stability we offer clients. They know the team working on their matters will likely be in place as long as they choose to do business with our firm, which keeps them engaged and involved as true partners and collaborators in our work together.

What’s good for our firm is good for the individual attorney and good for those who look to us for advice and counsel. Or as presidents of all political stripes have long been fond of saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Jeffrey T. Wiley, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer