Providing Efficient and Effective Solutions in the Rapidly Evolving Technology Space

The Tech & Data Group of Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. presents a diverse team approach to provide a wide range of legal services to companies and entrepreneurs involved in the innovative, constantly developing technology and data industries. Our team provides a full range of legal representation designed to assist our clients at every stage of their business development. Our clients range from enterprising entrepreneurs to tech startups to large, institutional organizations. We provide assistance to our clients in matters regarding corporate formation and governance, data hygiene, regulatory compliance, FinTech, M&A and deal support, litigation that arises from such matters and data security issues, and all other matters necessary to maintain and grow their businesses.

Corporate Formation & Governance

Choosing the right legal entity when starting a new business is vital to long-term viability, continual growth, and sustainable success. Our team routinely evaluates our clients’ business goals and helps them to choose the appropriate entity to realize those goals and to maintain a focused direction moving forward. Additionally, our team advises and aids businesses with corporate governance and development at all stages to maintain best practices and to safeguard intellectual property at the core of our clients’ businesses.

Consumer Data Privacy Regulation Guidance

Even separate from our work with clients on a daily basis, our Tech & Data Group maintains its status as a leader in the consumer data privacy space through our various publication contributions, educational presentations, and guest lectures. We utilize our experience to identify issues with our clients’ business practices and to provide effective solutions to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations to mitigate the devastating impacts of regulatory sanctions and/or litigation. We consult our clients with regard to various data privacy regulations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the constantly evolving worldwide data privacy regulatory landscape.

Data Hygiene Services

The Tech & Data Group actively works with clients to create and maintain proper data hygiene procedures. We begin with compliance assessments to identify risks arising from a company’s current practices. Next, our team creates an information assurance plan to develop and implement comprehensive data hygiene strategies and to ensure corporate compliance. Additionally of course, we are continuously available to consult our clients to monitor their data use practices and to provide routine data hygiene checkups and consultation to maintain continued compliance.


Our team works with clients in the development and implementation of financial technology, FinTech. FinTech, like other technologies, continues to develop every day. However, recent legislation combined with businesses practices in the United States demonstrate a definitive trend toward implementing more FinTech into consumers’ daily lives and the business operations of our clients. Our team advises clients in the areas of virtual currencies, online banking privacy, and mobile app development and data compliance in connection with these rapidly developing areas and technologies.

M&A and Deal Support

We represent clients in various acquisitions, divestitures, and other transactions that involve data and technology to ensure that valuable data is collected, safeguarded, processed, and transferred in compliance with domestic and international regulations. Our team also analyzes our clients’ goals and advises them of the legal implications of various transactions throughout the negotiation and consummation stages. Further, our team ensures that our clients protect valuable data and intellectual property through all stages of exploring potential opportunities, negotiating transactions, and closing deals that can shape their businesses into the future.

Big Firm Comprehensive Representation

In conjunction with our firm’s myriad of experienced practice areas and groups, our team is able to provide wide-ranging representation and counsel to our tech & data clients. Our team regularly confers and works with the many skilled attorneys of our firm to provide litigation, consultation, employment, and transactional services to our clients, meaning that our clients need look no further than to their DMC Tech & Data Group counselors to facilitate and handle all of their legal needs.