Diversity Spotlight: Danielle A. Stone

Danielle A. Stone
Cleveland, Ohio
Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Practice Focus:
Commercial Law and Litigation, Product Liability, and Toxic Tort

Tell us something unique or a fun fact about yourself.
One fun fact about me is that, while growing up, I absolutely loved learning the many different art forms of dance including ballet, liturgical, modern, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. I often performed in dance concerts and productions in middle/high school and church.

Describe an approach or a behavior that you believe can help improve diversity, equity, and/or inclusion efforts.
An approach that will help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion is to create policies that enforce goals and objectives that can and will be measured. While we understand that diversity and inclusion is extremely important, we must create a way to measure our efforts to ensure implementation, progress, and accountability.

What inspires you as a lawyer?
I am inspired to do great work as a lawyer because I not only have a duty but I want to be the best role model for young people in my community. I previously worked as a middle school English Language Arts substitute teacher while studying for the Ohio bar examination. I remember the day that I told my students that I received a passing score. They were so excited for me and thrilled that I accomplished such a great achievement. I strive to work hard so that I can continue to serve as an example to our future leaders and inspire them to reach their dreams and aspirations. As my own parents, siblings, role models, and mentors have guided me over the years, I hope to inspire the young people who come after me.