Diversity Spotlight: Anthony D. Cox, Jr.

Anthony D. Cox, Jr.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member

Practice Focus:
Commercial Law and Litigation, Insurance Law and Litigation, Professional Liability Defense, and Professional Licensing (Group Chair)

Tell us something unique or a fun fact about yourself.
A fun fact about myself is that I can write with both hands. I was initially born left-handed and taught myself how to use my right hand when I started playing sports.

Describe an approach or a behavior that you believe can help improve diversity, equity, and/or inclusion efforts.
The best approach to help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion is education primarily to those individuals that may not be from a diverse background. A lot of the issues we see are systemic and, in order to change this, we much educate those who make up the majority of the system.

What inspires you as a lawyer?
I am inspired most as a lawyer by seeing our clients excited about a great result. I became a lawyer to advocate for others and to make the world a better place. My professional licensing work is very rewarding because, in that, I am representing individuals who are at risk of losing their license that allows them to work and provide for their family. It is so rewarding for me to help individuals protect their ability to work and provide for their respective families. All in all, our clients motivate me and keep me hungry in this profession.