Announcing The ‘Energy Law Insights’ Blog

Welcome to Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote’s Energy Law Insights. Here are a few compelling reasons to follow:

National Scope
We have energy lawyers licensed and working in nearly every significant oil and gas basin in the nation. Energy Law Insights will have nationwide reach so you can stay up to date on critical events not only in your backyard but across the energy law landscape.

Practical Advice
Sure we will present the latest cases and developments, but Energy Law Insights will do more. We will show you how the changes to the legal and regulatory landscape affect your job or company and give practical day-to-day advice.

In-Depth Analysis
Energy Law Insights will offer in-depth features on facets of the energy industry that are not regularly analyzed but are important to your industry.

Unique Perspective
Because Energy Law Insights will feature contributions from several lawyers around the country, we will offer a unique perspective highlights the differences and similarities across the regions.

We are excited about Energy Law Insights and look forward to sharing our passions about the energy industry with you. To receive Energy Law Insights in your inbox, subscribe by completing the email sign-up on this page.

Jesse J. Zirillo

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